Gigantolina elongata

Austramphilina elongata

Klaus Rohde
Containing group: Amphilinidea


The species parasitizes freshwater turtles in eastern Australia. It reaches a length of 150 or more mm and a width of 14 or more mm. Testes follicles are scattered throughout the body except for the most anterior and posterior as well as the most lateral parts. The very large seminal receptacle appears to be simple, i.e., the division into two parts including an accessory seminal receptacle, may have been secondarily lost. Heavily infected turtles may contain over 30 of the bright yellow parasites. Life cycle (see Life Cycles), light and electron-microscopic structure of larva, juvenile and adult (see Structure of the Larva, Structure of the Juvenile and Adult) have been extensively studied, but it is still unclear how the eggs escape from the turtles (either though the mouth or the cloaca, in females perhaps through the oviduct). Some large bodies with a dark core, whose function has not yet been clarified, are scattered between the testes follicle (Fig. 1, X).


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Figure 1. Austramphilina elongata. Note large sac-like accessory seminal receptacle at posterior end, and scattered frontal gland cells near anterior end. Drawing copyright © 2000 Klaus Rohde.

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Gigantolina elongata

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