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Planning Your Branch & Leaf Pages

Before you begin work on your branch and leaf pages, you should take a little time to consider the goals of the project and to learn about the formats your pages are expected to follow. Each completed page is composed of a number of standard elements which ensure the coherence of the information provided by the Tree of Life. On the following pages, we provide detailed information about the elements of branch and leaf pages. For information about other articles and notes, please refer to the Authoring Scientific Articles & Notes page. Please be sure to also have a look at the Tips & Guidelines for ToL Page Authors.

Dividing the Tree: Planning What Goes on Each Page
Advice on how to select the terminal taxa to be included on individual Tree of Life pages.
Design of Branch Pages
Overview of the contents and formats of branch pages, the most common page type on the Tree of Life.
Tree/Taxon List Formatting
Options for formatting the tree at the top of the page.
Design of Leaf Pages
Overview of the contents and formats of leaf pages, i.e., most often Tree of Life pages for individual species.

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